Event Videography

All prices excludes GST

  • 3hr event coverage - $610

  • 4hr event coverage - $790

Event Photography

All prices excludes GST

  • 3hr event coverage - $610

  • 4hr event coverage - $790

Onsite printing - $600 min 3hrs, 4X6 unlimited printing

Product Photography

Package 1 $500

  • up to 10 products

  • Studio hire

  • Edited web resolution files

Social Media 

Instagram & Facebook Videos

  • $650 per video

  • 1hr onsite shoot

  • Video render for social media.

Instagram & Facebook Photos

  • $650 per shoot

  • 1hr onsite

  • All images optimised for social media.


Music Videos

Prices starts from $1850

  • 1hr preshoot consultation

  • 2hrs onsite shoot

  • Scriptwriting

Client Testimonial Video

Having an established track record of providing great service and getting quality feedback from your clients speaking about their great experiences helps to advocate for your business. You can capture and share these success stories as part of your marketing process through customer testimonial videos.

Customer testimonials are basically good reviews and recommendations from clients. And they are extremely powerful marketing opportunities for your business. The reason is because of the credibility they hold.

In marketing, people can make all sorts of assertions. For example, “we are the fastest, most reliable, best value etc.” Testimonials are so influential because they’re seen as more reliable and honest. So instead of selling your business yourself, testimonials can let other people do it for you.

Deciding to collect testimonials is the first step. But not all testimonials are created equal. How do you make an effective testimonial? What is the best way to deliver a testimonial to your audience? What should be included in a testimonial?

Prices starts from $1500

How to Videos

How to videos or “how it works” are very helpful in explaining how something works. Here fleet network came to us because they realised that a major part of the population didn’t understand how car leasing works.
We worked with them to find the simplest way to display the animation onscreen.

If you feel you need a similar product

Live Event Filming

$850 - 3hr coverage

Wedding Pricelist


Base Rate: $250 per hour flat rate.

  • $500 - 2hrs Ceremony coverage

  • $1250 - 5hrs coverage

  • $1999 - 8hrs Coverage, 2 Photographers, Highlight Reel & RAW Requence


Base Rate: $250 per hour flat rate.

  • $500 - 2hrs Ceremony coverage, Digital Images

  • $1250 - 5hrs coverage, Digital Images

  • $1999* ($2500) - 8hrs Coverage, 2 Photographers, All images high resolution files.

$500 - 10"X12" Album

$450 Engagement Shoot

Service Contract Commitment

Silver - $500 per month**

  • 5 teaser video clips

  • 7 photo stills from video

Gold - $950 per month**

  • 1 scripted video (90sec)

  • 7 teaser videos clips (20sec)

  • 12 Photo stills from video

Platinum - $1400 per month **

  • 3 scripted videos (90sec)

  • 10 teaser videos (20sec)

  • 17 Photo stills from video

**All packages min 12 Months contract