One Sleepless Night. One Sacrifice. One Heart

This shoot was one special shoot for us as a team. We’ve done a variety of shoots throughout the year but this one specific shoot was not only an opportunity for us to exercise our photo and video skills, but also to be involved with a cause that help us promote a community of people helping people.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities came to work with us on their first ever overnight 42K walk marathon to raise funds for the charity to continue to help families in need of shelter whilst their children get the treatment they need at the hospital. The shoot was a 12 hour shoot featuring the event to raise more awareness in hopes to continue this event annually.

Working with RMHC, we planned to really highlight the event and build the emotion coming from the very core of the cause which is to help the people in need as one community.

We were a three man team that night and we really pushed our bodies to the limit to capture the event, having worked the whole day already. We had to battle our own drowsiness to make sure we captured the most important parts of the day. Whilst shooting in the final pit stop, I heard a couple of girls saying, “I keep forgetting this is not for us. Let’s do this.” That was really inspiring to see. People teary and crying as they approach the finish line after subjecting their bodies in one of the most challenging ways. People promoting a sense of empathy towards those who experience these sleepless nights on a day to day basis really changes you and your viewpoint on life entirely. Being able to be mindful of the blessings we have in life after experiencing such sacrifice.

I wanted to reflect all of these through the video so choosing the music was very crucial as I wanted it to really reflect and elevate the moments and emotions of the day. I used Dream City Orchestra’s Compelled as the background music as the progression of the music really builds and seemed perfect for the video edit. One of the most challenging things we had to deal with in terms of our footage was the amount of light that we had to work with. Shooting in the dark was a challenge so we really picked and chose the pit stops that would provide us with enough light to capture the best quality of footage we could. Overall, in the edit, I wanted to portray the time progression so I took advantage of the establishing shots to tell the story.

We’re very pleased with the final edit and we were happy that RMHC was really happy with our final product as well. Hearing that the CEO had goosebumps while watching the film was a great feedback for us to hear. Anyways, I won’t take much of your time with me rambling. Have a look, see and immerse yourself on this incredible event!

All the best!