5 tips for mouth watering food photography

Do you want to know how to capture mouth watering shots of your food that will even have you drooling? We love taking shots of food… even when it makes us hungry. So we’ve put together our top tips and tricks for capturing the most flattering shot of your food.

Tip 1# Be Organised

First and foremost, be prepared when approaching your shot. Understand the environment you are taking the photo in and the characteristics of the dish so you can best decide how you will go about shooting the food. Consider if you are taking a photo of ice cream, you will need to be quick to capture the shot before it melts. If you’re pushed for time in your shoot, a good trick is to use a prop that resembles how your dish will be served, such as a plate, and experiment with lighting, arrangement and angles while you wait for the food to be ready. Once the food is ready, you can easily switch the plate for the dish and you’re good to go. This is a great way to be efficient on a time limit.

Tip 2# Lighting

Our trick to getting the best photo is using natural lighting. Editing the image post the shoot can only change the photo so much and generally can’t solve a poorly lit image. So it is important to get the shot right on the set! You would be amazed by how good your food looks just by taking the photo near a window in the daylight. You can create more balanced lighting by using a flash bounced off a wall to counter the shadows.

Tip 3# Style it up

Get creative and have fun styling your shot! Consider the colour and shape of the food and balancing colours in your shot to keep it aesthetically pleasing. We love using a neutral coloured background to keep the shot looking clean, crisp and draw your focus onto the star dish. You can keep it simple or dress your shot with cutlery, table setting etc, but remember to try not to clutter your shot with too many elements.

Tip 4# Experiment with Angles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shot types and angles. Composition types such as rule of thirds or using leading lines are your friends. Don’t forget to include them in your shoot! Think about how you can best highlight the qualities of your food by considering the size, shape and uniqueness. Consider if you are taking a photo of a tiered cake. You would not be able to show off the beautiful height and detail of the cake by taking a high angle shot. A low angle shot would better highlight the shape and qualities of the product. Get down low, up high or close to the dish to capture that perfect shot.

Tip 5# Create a story

Something we love to do when taking any photo is to create and tell a story. You’re probably wondering why this is so important? Well by surrounding your dish with elements that enhance how the meal was made or the culture of the dish, you can share something powerful with your viewers. They will connect with your work and share a passion for what you are showing! Next time you take a photo of food, experiment with sauces, oils and cooking utensils used to cook the dish, herbs and fabrics to give your shot character and context.

Check out some of our food photography below! We won’t judge you if you drool a little bit…