Winter is Coming

“Winter is Coming” - George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones

Walking in the event designed by Kate Wilson truly was a spectacular and jaw dropping venue. The Game of Thrones theme was such a beautiful experience to shoot. We had the opportunity to capture every intricate detail and design element that was shown at the venue. Everything was spectacular from the colourful lights through to the medieval props, table arrangements and breathtaking artworks. I was absolutely amazed by the dragon statue. It was made such an impact to the atmosphere of the venue. Even those small, little details were taken note of and executed perfectly.

The set was so magical, surreal and mesmerising. Shooting this amazing design was so much fun because I felt like I was in another dimension, anticipating the characters from the Game of Thrones to come out.

We even had the chance to ride the scissor lift and shoot the venue from extraordinary heights… well actually I left Andrea to shoot at the top (I’m afraid of heights).

I’m so thrilled to have shot an outstanding event. The experience was unforgettable! A huge thank you to Kate Wilson Events, they’ve done another amazing job.

- Pia

P.S. Youtube is now live Winter is Coming!