Get Ready. It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Every year, I hear about the infamous Super Bowl Championships. I always thought it was just a very popular game of football that people got really excited about. This year, I decided to a do a bit of research and share with you a few interesting things that makes the Super Bowl a most-loved game.

With millions of people tuning in each year to watch the Super Bowl, it is no doubt it is among the most-watched annual sporting events on TV. Did you know almost every year the Super Bowl is the highest rated show on TV? For all of you sports fans out there, this may not come as a surprise. But for those of you like me with minimal sporting knowledge, It was eye opening to hear the extreme popularity of these American events.

What makes the Super Bowl is so unique? I didn’t know how the Super Bowl was different from other football games I’ve seen. But there is actually something very special about the game itself. It is the only major professional team sport with a single-elimination playoff system, whereas other sports have the teams win four games in a best-of-seven series. It all comes down to that one game in the Super Bowl, which is what makes it so intense and exciting.

The game not only attracts massive crowds and viewers, but also calls for unforgettable parties. Some of the biggest names in the industry attend these big parties. We are talking Snoop Dog, Deion Sanders and Lil Wayne just to roll off a few names. If you’re a Super Bowl fan hosting your own bash, your guests will be expecting one hell of a classic spread. A typical Super Bowl Sunday spread includes serving dips, chicken wings (yum, they always go down well), nachos, pigs in blankets and (of course) pizza.

Beyond the game, there is something else that draws in our attention. It’s those iconic commercials! Companies spend a lot of money into those commercials, attracting more viewers and potential customers. Who remembers the classic Doritos ad 2016? This was an Australian-made ad created by Peter Carstairs. He was one of the three chosen out of 4500 entries. The ad 'Ultrasound’ featured the story of a baby still in the mothers womb who really wants Doritos. I think you can only imagine what happens next! Although this ad had a bit of controversy, I think it’s safe to say people hang out to watch these commercials on the Super Bowl.

Even if you’re a casual fan, a hard-core fan or someone like me who sticks out for the commercials, there’s something special about event from the roaring crowds to the high energy on the field that makes the event memorable and enjoyable.


Doritos ‘Utrasound’ ad 2016 by Peter Carstairs