Visual Inspirations Works Their Magic In Perth CBD

Christmas is no doubt the best festivity of the year! It brings joy and hope to families and children every year through the action of giving, generosity and spreading cheer. One of the most amazing things we all look forward to are the stunning Christmas visual displays.

I believe the lit up streets and glowing visual displays has a hold and affect on our behaviour. It makes us forget all of our worries and negative thoughts as we immerse ourselves in the wonder of the displays. It lifts our spirits, filling our hearts with joy, wonder and the belief that we can pursue anything. And last year’s visual displays were nothing short of bringing cheer to Perth. Did you see the magical Christmas displays in December 2018? If you didn’t, here’s a glimpse of the magic you missed.

Let your eyes be widened and filled with wonder by Visual Inspiration’s sparking and gleaming visual displays. Visual Inspirations make the ordinary extraordinary. If you haven’t heard of them, then you definitely won’t be forgetting them after you see their work!

A series of beautiful and dazzling installations were featured across the Perth City, in building and along the streets. From stunning droplets of gleaming ornaments dangling from the ceiling in 108 George Street, to gold and silver Christmas installations at Brookfield Place and Ernst & Young, there were so many stunning displays to capture your attention.

Along the streets of Perth, the light poles were decorated with glowing gold star-shaped lights. King Street stunned with amazing decorations above the street poles, to enhance the street filled with glamorous luxury brands.

Counsel House enchanted families with Australian wildlife installations, featuring our iconic Kangaroos that lit up at night.


And you couldn’t miss the towering Christmas Tree display in Main Square, which lit up the town at night.

This was such an amazing and feel good project we loved capturing.

Enjoy the video below of the dazzling Christmas displays by Visual Inspirations.