Why We Love Corporate Shoots

What’s to love about a Corporate shoot? Plenty! We have so many reasons why we love to film and edit corporate shoots. So, I teamed up with Pia, our Cinematographer and Editor, to sum up it up in five reasons.

1) It’s direct and straight to the point

The first reason we love corporate shoots is that they are normally straight to point. The brief is usually direct and our clients tell us what they want and hope to achieve from our services. This could be to promote their product/ services, showcase an event or testimonial videos just to name a few. From there, we do our best to fulfill what our clients want by conveying the message through visuals. This is the exciting part where we get to be creative and have a bit fun.

2) Become inspired by client’s work and talent

A corporate shoot is super exciting especially when your filming events. As a photographer, you get to see both sides to the event. We are fortunate to see the beauty in person and capture it through the lens. We love shooting corporate events when a client wants to update or add their work to their portfolio. It’s so exciting on our end to shoot their creations like Kate Wilson’s Mexican themed event. This was truly spectacular to capture. So much talent and passion was put into the design of the event! A more recent shoot we did for Visual Inspirations was incredible as well, seeing their new Christmas installations and visual displays that depict creativity and bring joy. We love seeing new talent and art created everyday by people and businesses. It makes you feel inspired and appreciative of their work.

3) Learn from unexpected situations

Corporate events seem to always bring an element of surprise and amazement even if you are completely aware of what you are expecting to shoot. It doesn’t matter if your following a strict schedule or plan, because unexpected things can happen. The beauty of this is that you learn to keep open minded and expect the unexpected. You have to be light on your toes, willing to take on any changes or complications. So you always need to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and approach a new task. Although this may sound nerve racking, it can be exciting when we push our limits, challenge ourselves and adapt to the situation. We are able to learn from unanticipated situations and be open to changes.

4) Allows for Creative Expression

The great thing about corporate shoots is that they don’t take too long to edit (great news for you businesses too). Videos could be on average 2 minutes, which isn’t too long if you compare it to something like a 7 minute Wedding highlight. This means we can choose the absolute best footage from the shoot and become more visually creative with the editing process. It allows us to show off our creative flare whilst highlighting the client’s product, service or event in the most effective way.

5) Develop connections and understand different businesses

Corporate shoots allow us to meet and connect with the client on a different level. Every client is different. So we are always excited for each shoot to meet different people from different industries. We get the opportunity to learn about the client and their business more intricately through working with them. Through interacting with various people during shoot, we develop an appreciation for their work and an understanding of their business. And this is what we love- getting to know you and your passion.

If you’re interested in having us film your corporate events or help develop your portfolio, contact info@icebergmedia.com.au.