Why Are Testimonial Videos So Important?

Convert website visitors into customers with Testimonial Videos

The persuasive sales message does not come from a sales representative or even the business owner. But in fact, it comes from a satisfied customer. Here’s why…

You (the business owner) may not be seen as the most credible source of your product, because you have an incentive to sell it. At least this is how some of your potential customers might view it. But when your sales messages originates from a genuinely satisfied customer, this is far more persuasive for potential customers.

Combine this social influence with a personable story and the emotional power of video, you valuable video content- Testimonials.

Here are four reasons why testimonials are are must:

1. Build Credibility and Trust

Your potential customers want to know if your business is trustworthy and reputable before they hand over their money. Testimonials address questions and objections that ponder the minds of your potential customers. This relieves their anxious minds, knowing other customers have been satisfied with your business. This is often referred to as “Social Proof,” acting a a powerful persuasion tool for your business.

2. Connect emotionally

Testimonial videos allow your website visitors to connect with your brand and resonate with your customer’s experiences. Your audience is more likely to remember you not because of your product, but because of how you made them feel. And when they feel good, they are likely to become your regular customer.

3. Tell a story

Did you know stories are proven to tap into our brains and draw us into the plot? Stories lie at the center of your testimonials. It follows the plot of the characters (your customers) who has a problem or an unfulfilled desire (the conflict or issue), and found the solution through your business (resolution). At the heart of your testimonials are stories: characters (your buyers) who had a problem or an unfulfilled desire (conflict), and found the solution in your business (resolution). That is why when testimonials use stories, they successfully draw your prospective customers and connect with them on a emotional level.

4. Develop Competitive advantage

Testimonial videos set you aside from the rest of the pack in your industry. It gives you competitive edge by showcasing real stories from real customers. It highlights what makes your business so good. People naturally gravitate towards other people. So, if they are saying something reputable about your brand, other people will begin to believe the same and you’re bound to develop an advantage over your competitors.

So, if you want to convert website visitors into customers, increase your credibility and profit then you should invest in testimonial videos. We believe it is important to hear from your customers, not only to highlight the things you do best but to give you feedback and an indication on areas of improvement. That way, you can recognise your strengths and opportunities.

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