Top 5 Destinations For Photographers Around The World

Are you stuck on where you should photograph next? We believe every photographer feels the irresistible pull of wanderlust that motivates you to explore the world through the lens of your camera and shoot something remarkable.

What do you like to shoot? Whether you love capturing people, discovering their stories, exploring culture or patiently waiting to capture that perfect landscape shot with the sunset in the background, there’s always an opportunity to capture something amazing.

We’ve put together a few destinations on our list to shoot.

London: The Most Iconic Destination

Why do we love London?

London gives you the ability to capture people, buildings and culture all in one place. Snap the clean streets of Kensington or the red telephone boxes, wide roads and double decker buses along Oxford Street.

Photo taken by  Andrea Bernardino

Photo taken by Andrea Bernardino

Explore the bright building of Notting Hill for the perfect fashion and lifestyle photography shot. For the art lover, Shortditch for incredible street art, where you can discover Banksy’s famous murals.

London is the place for those Instagrammable shots, offering something unique to capture around every corner.

Photos taken by Andrea Bernardino

Italy: Architecture and Culture at its finest

Pack your camera bag and discover the beautiful architecture of Rome. It’s almost impossible to walk down a street without snaping a photos of your surroundings.

Photo taken by  Andrea Bernardino

Photo taken by Andrea Bernardino

From the Trevi Fountain, the destination most Lizzie McGuire fans would dream of visiting, to the ancient Colosseum, Italy offers mind blowing photography opportunities. Not to mention, Italy is the perfect place for some eye candy food photography. Capture the chef making a pizza, or a bambino indulging into a cone of gelato. Italy is the place for an experience that you can reminise through the lens of your camera.

Photo taken by Andrea Bernardino

Japan: The Most Surreal

Japan is the destination for capturing bright lights and the bustle of Tokyo.

The city offers a unique blend of culture, heritage and modern living. Capture nature’s perfection with the stunning cherry blossoms and Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Explore the impressive temples including Nanzen-ji Temple with its immaculate zen garden. You’ll be blown away by the amazing scenery of Japan.

Canada: Breathtaking Scenery

I have heard nothing but amazing things about Canada’s scenery! From serene lacks, incredible mountains, view of the Northern Lights and landscapes at Banff National Park, there’s something inspiring and astonishing in Canada. Make sure you put this place on your list.


Hawaii: Blue Skies and Tropical Beaches

The Islands of Hawaii are your photogenic friend. Whether you’re capturing exotic foliage, beautiful waterfalls, dramatic cliffs or volcanic beach locations, Hawaii will look amazing at every angle. Capture unimaginable images of the night sky with limited light pollution, so you can capture the beauty of the stars.

What are your favourite photography locations?

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