Why You Need Product Photography

Do you run a business? Chances are you need product photography. Products are the backbone of your business, whether you operate an online store or traditional brick-and-mortar. So, effectively communicating the quality, size, features and benefits are crucial to generate sales, enhance engagement and conversation through social media.

Importance of high quality images for E-Commerce

E-Commerce relies on photography more intricately than any other sales channel. Why? Consumers cannot simply walk into a store, touch or taste the product they are interested in before purchase.

Your E-Commerce needs to communicate the same information it would in a brick-and-mortar shopping experience and appeal to the five senses through quality photography. This will increase the amount of customers clicking ‘add to basket’ and proceeding with the purchase.

With today’s tech-savvy customers making informed purchase decisions based on what they see on social media and your website. Hence, effective quality product photography will add value and limit the ‘noise’ impacting consumer purchasing behaviour.

Westinghouse products photographed by Iceberg Media

Increase exposure and awareness

Increasing brand awareness begins with making your business more visible. An appealing image will encourage online users to view and share on their channels, giving you the ability to reach new customers and increase traffic to your website.

Photos by Iceberg Media

Build Authenticity and Trust

Good product photography enhances your competitive advantage. Undoubtedly, as consumers our eyes are naturally drawn to things that look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Your customers will have a higher perceived value of your products over competitors and believe your brand to be trustworthy.

Thai Delight products photographed by Iceberg Media

Increase your brand Identity

How do you develop a strong brand identity? From your logo, tagline, tone of voice and products, it is important you align and emphasise your core values. We ensure your product photography enhances your brand identity and is consistent across your online presence. This helps you develop a digital persona and allow your audience to identify you easily, distinguishing you from your competitors.

Ansko’s products photographed by Iceberg Media

How Iceberg Media can showcase your products

At Iceberg Media, our team of photographers are passionate about capturing the best quality images of your products. Depending on your product, we help create an aesthetically pleasing shoot in our studio against a classic white backdrop, to make your product the focus. Alternatively, we can take product photos in a setting that complements your product.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our product photography service, get in contact with our friendly team.