Why Have An Unplugged Wedding?

Take a look at this image.

What do you see?

Is there anything out of the ordinary or that stands out to you? When we first reviewed this image, the first thing we noticed was the guest taking a photo on his mobile device.


At many weddings, we see a lot of guests reach out for their mobile phones and cameras to take pictures. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the kiss, we’ve noticed guests are increasingly viewing the entire wedding through the lens of their camera. Guests distracted on their phones takes away from the reason they were invited to the wedding- to enjoy and appreciate being apart of the special moments.

Whilst some couples encourage guest to photograph and allow them to share instantly to social media, we believe it is important to remind guests to take a break from their devices for a few minutes and truly engage in the event. So, why not have an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when you ask your guests to turn off their devices and refrain from taking photos or videos during the ceremony or reception. Not only will your guests be fully emerged in your event, but it means your wedding photographer and videographer has the best chance to capture your wedding perfectly.

What are the benefits of unplugged weddings?

Only one camera to look at

From the photographer to guests taking photos, do you ever find you don’t know which camera to look at? This can be distracting for people in the photo and doesn’t usually look great when everyone is looking in different directions. Having an unplugged wedding also means you won’t have the flash on the phone interfering with the photographer’s photo.

Capture the best shots

Do you ever see people step out in the aisle to take a photo of the bride and groom? Well this means they could block the photographer from capturing the ceremony.

Plus, when we take the photos, they look much better when people are smiling and immersed in the wedding rather than being on your phones. That is why it’s best to invite your guests to take a seat, smile, and enjoy.

Couples post first

We sometimes see family and friends post images and videos from their phone of the wedding, before the bride and groom had the chance to share on their social media. So, an unplugged wedding will give the bride and groom a bit of privacy and the opportunity to share their special day before anyone else.

What’s the best way to tell your guests it’s an unplugged wedding?

There are a few ways you can let your guests know in advance by:

  • Wedding invitation- have a small personalised note on your wedding invite to let guests know in advance.

  • Sign- have a sign at the entrance with a message asking family and friends to refrain from taking photos.

Have you been to an unplugged wedding or had one yourself?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.