The Importance Of Being Prepared And Organised For A Shoot


Whether you’re a photographer or videographer, it is important to:

  • Be prepared

  • Plan ahead

  • Be organised

  • Expect the unexpected

  • Be adaptable to any situation

Why do you think this is important? Well, let’s put it into perspective.

On the day of the shoot, imagine you sleep past your alarm, rush to pack all your equipment and drive off to your shoot. You become stuck in traffic and frustrated. The result? You’re late, show up stressed and realise half way through your shoot that did not pack spare batteries or SD cards. This could have consequences for your shoot and your relationship with the client for future events.

Why did this happen? Lack of organisation prior to the shoot meant you did not allow yourself time for last minute checking and accommodate for issues. So, being unprepared and unorganised leads to problems which could have been avoided.

How can being organised prevent these issues? Here are some benefits of being organised and prepared for your shoot:

  • Reduces your stress at the shoot.

  • You will give be able to arrive on time to the shoot.

  • Allows the day to run smoothly.

  • Maintain efficiency.

  • Minimise the chances of problems arising.

  • Maintain better relations with the client.

Our team always ensures we have a checklist, communicate with each other and pack everything in advance.

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