The Best Groom Moments

From cries to whistles, we share our favourite groom moments

What is your favourite reaction at weddings? Is it the bride and groom cries, the comedic moments in the speeches or the romantic kiss?

One of our favourites is watching the groom’s reaction, especially those emotive tears which are so contagious! Check out some of our favourite reactions below.

The groom says it all

Do you love watching the groom’s reaction when the bride walks down the aisle? So do we! It is one of our favourite things to do at a wedding (apart from capture photo and videos of course). It is absolutely beautiful to see the happiness and connection between the couples, from the moment they lie eyes on each other at their wedding ceremony. Check out an emotional groom’s cry from Adam and Jessica’ wedding. (Hint: See the beautiful moment at 2:24 minutes into the video below).

Smile, Cry and Repeat

It is extremely moving and touching when we see the bride and groom share a few happy tears during their wedding vows. At the ceremony, Aaron and Georgie starred into each others eye with endearing love and shed a few tears. You feel like you were there at the wedding with them, experiencing the emotion and witnessing the love between the two. On another note, you can’t help but feel impressed when the groom looks out for the bride’s make up by dabbing her tears. Check out the beautiful moments 49 seconds into the video below.

Weddings embody so much emotion, love and passion. We are always inspired by so many couples and their powerful connection. One of the most touching and emotional groom moments we’ve had the privilege of witnessing is from David and Donna’s wedding. You’ll see what we mean. No words can describe it. It was such an amazing reaction, truly emotive. Experience the moment at 4:14 minutes into the video below.

Whistle like you mean it

We love groom reactions that are memorable. Hayley and Dayne’s wedding made an impression on our team, with the groom giving a whistle at his beautiful wife. It’s the funny moments like this that bring a smile to everyone’s faces and show the couples special bond. See a snippet of the moment at 4:40 minutes.

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