Travelling with a disposable camera

Photo taken on digital camera, by Andrea from Iceberg Media

Photo taken on digital camera, by Andrea from Iceberg Media

Are you looking for an interesting way to capture your holiday or travel adventures? We’ve got a suggestion for you.

Do you remember those old disposable Kodak cameras? Yes! How could you forget.

Disposable cameras are a great substitute for your standard digital camera. Whilst your trusty digital camera takes crystal clear, high quality images, a disposable camera captures raw and almost lower quality images.

Now what’s so exciting about that? Well, it’s a low cost option that limits the risk of damaging or loosing your expensive camera. Starting from $19, you can take up to 27 unique photos of your adventures, whether that may be camping, a beach day or walking the streets of Hong Kong. This means you may want to choose carefully when you take the images, so you don’t run out of film all at once. However, it is very rewarding and exciting when you print the images and see all the moments you captured.

What to look for in a disposable camera

If you’re looking for a cheaper camera, a basic disposable camera is your go-to. These usually have a fixed focus so they tend to take lower quality images. However, there are different models of disposable cameras. You can get ones with a zoom function, flash and even waterproof features so you can capture those underwater moments.

Tips for using a disposable camera

Film speed:

  • Also known as ISO rating, the film speed indicates the film’s sensitivity to light. The ISO rating generally ranges from 100 to 800, but the most common ratings are ISO400 and ISO800. Choose an ISO400 film for settings with the brightest lighting conditions, such as outdoor settings in bright sunlight. For indoor or low-lighting conditions, an ISO800 is a great choice.

Keep your Distance from the subject:

  • Taking a photo too close to the subject with a disposable camera will come out blurry and unfocused. Be sure to stand at least one to two meters away.

Use the flash:

  • Almost all singe use cameras have a flash function, and this will help illuminate your shot in a darker setting. An already well lit shot will not be affected by the flash.

Would you use a disposable camera for your travels?

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