Why you need an Event Photographer

Niche Living event photographed by Iceberg Media

Niche Living event photographed by Iceberg Media

Have you been to an event and realised no one has taken photos or videos of the night? We want to make sure your events are recorded and documented so you can reminisce all the moments in the future.

With so much planning, preparation and effort put into organising the event, you will want the best moments of the event to be captured. No matter what event, whether it is a birthday party, conference, product launch or wedding ceremony, our team of professional photographers are experienced, high-skilled and passionate about capturing your event. Your event brings a lot of people together, whether that is prominent guests, speakers or employees. So, it is important to have high quality images taken by a professional and reliable team.

What are the benefits of event photography?

  • High quality images.

  • High precision and attention to detail.

  • Photography knowledge and quality equipment = great results.

  • Professional photographers know what to capture and anticipate human behaviour to photograph at the right moment.

  • They frame the photo so it is more aesthetically appealing.

  • They photograph the event from start to finish and don’t miss a moment.

  • Provide edited images.


Where can you use professional event photos?

  • Share to attendees and special guests.

  • Share onto social media channels and website.

  • From a business point of view, businesses can use for event photos for media relations when sending a press release.

  • Marketing purposes and future promotional material.

Do you need an event photographer or videographer for your event? Get in touch with us.