Choosing the right photographer for your event

When planning an event, we know how much effort goes into organising and planning your event. From the decor, venue design, guest list, speakers and food, you want to have the confidence your event photographer will capture all the amazing elements of your event.

Choosing the right event photographer will create a great lasting impression on your guests and consumers viewing your event content. So, it is important you source the right team who is passionate, professional and understands your vision for the event.

Here are a few things to help you choose your event photographer.

Check out their portfolio of work

We all like photos to look aesthetically pleasing and highlight our most flattering angles. To make sure your event photographer is the right one for the job, it’s a good idea to check out their portfolio of work from previous events. Most photographers will have a variety of work to show you their photography style and how they capture the venue, guests interacting and having fun. This will give you an idea how they will approach your shoot.

Importance of a Good Reputation

Where do you want to display your event photos? You may want to display them on your website, send them to clients or use it for marketing collateral. With this in mind, you want to ensure your event photographer is reputable and will do the job. You can check out the photographer’s online presence including their website and social media. Their content and reviews are usually good indicators. Word-of-mouth is your friend for choosing a photographer. Generally, if we hear our friends or family share positive words about an event photographer, we are more likely to go with them because we trust their opinions. So, be sure to do some research before making your decisions.

Highlight the venue and design

Ensuring your photographer will dedicate the time and effort to capturing the beauty in your event is crucial. Why? You want your guests and online users to share how amazing the venue looked, the design, lighting and other elements that made it memorable. So, it’s always a good idea to check how your event photographer can best capture your event.

company and event branding

Have you ever looked at event photos and not instantly recognised which brand hosted the event and what it was for? Whether it’s an EOFY function, awards night or gala, you want your branding well represented in the photos. A good photographer will take those wide shots and work within restraints to make sure your brand is recognisable in the image. We ensure that your time and money spent on branding is not underutilised. We ensure both the guests are well captured and the branding through composing the shot to appropriately capture the event.


Capture objects you want to see

Every venue has important but not necessarily photogenic aspects. A professional photographer will plan what they want to capture at your event and recognise the elements at the venue which should not be photographed. Your photographer will focus on the action happening at the event, including your guests smiling, interacting, speeches, food and all things you want to look back on. So, when choosing your photographer, check through their work to see how they capture other events. This will be a good indication whether they will be a good fit for you.

Lights, angles and background

Photographers will always consider the lighting at the event, and ensure your event photos are taken in a well lit setting. If you have large crowds of people at your event, it can sometimes look cramped and tight when groups of people are in the same photo. Alternatively, no one wants a small event to look too scarce and smaller than it actually is. So, your event photographer will shift things around, work within restraints and adapt to the setting to ensure your guests and event setting looks its best in photos. It’s all about working those angles and enhancing the shot.

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