Do’s and dont’s when choosing your event photographer

How to choose your event photographer and mistakes to avoid

When planning an event, we know how much effort goes into sourcing your presenters, speakers, inviting the right guests and designing your space. You want to be able to trust your event photographers have the ability to capture every large or small detail that makes up your event.

It’s fair to say your event photographer has the power to make or break your event. Poor photography taken of your event will create a sour aftertaste in your guests’ mind and people who view your event. That is why sourcing the right team for the job; one that is passionate, professional and understands your vision for the event.

Here are few things you need to ask your photographer and be aware of before booking them to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake.

Check out their portfolio of work

An unflattering photo is considered a bad photo. To make sure your photographer can work those flattering angles, ask to see their portfolio of work from previous events. You will be able to see their style and how they capture the venue, guests interacting and having fun. This will give you an idea how they will approach your shoot. And if you’re not impressed, then keep looking around.

Good Reputation

Your event photos will appear on your website, in emails to clients, marketing material and to employees. With this in mind, you want to ensure your event photographer has a good reputation. View their online presence including their website and social media. Their content and reviews are usually good indicators. Word-of-mouth is your friend for choosing a photographer. Generally, if we hear our friends or family share positive words about an event photographer, we are more likely to go with them because we trust their opinions.

Highlight the venue and design

You put so much effort into creating a spectacular event set up, including food, lighting, seating, branded material etc. Ensuring your photographer will dedicate the time and effort to capturing the beauty in your event is crucial. Why? Your guests may not remember or be able to share how amazing the venue looked, nor will it reflect your hard work. Make sure this is discussed with your event photographer.

Capturing your branding

Have you ever reflected on event images, seen many happy guests and it all looks amazing… until you realise you don’t know what brand the event is for! If you can’t identify the branding from the photos, the photographer has not effectively captured your event. Branding efforts are expensive and time-consuming, and if they aren’t captured in the photo, all that effort will be underutilised. An important aspect of the event photographer’s role is not just to capture the event, but to make sure the photos embrace your branding, to allow for future use in your marketing or promotional material.


Exclude awkward objects from your photos

Every venue has those important but not necessarily photogenic aspects like exits signs, toilet directions or even torn carpets, unpainted walls etc. A professional photographer will plan what they want to capture at your event. Do you think images of the toilets or exit signs will add value on your website? The answer is no. So, make sure your event photographer knows what they are doing and how to set up well.

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