Remember your style as an artist

Are you an artist? Artists are people who create, practice or demonstrate art. We are story tellers, communicating emotion and aim to inspire our audiences. You may be thinking, “I don’t paint or draw,” but art takes many forms including:

  • Animation

  • Architecture

  • Calligraphy

  • Ceramics

  • Computer

  • Graffiti

  • Graphic Design

  • Fashion

  • Performance

  • Photography

… and the list goes on.

As an artist, you adopt a certain style that differentiates you from everybody else. Your style becomes your identity. We draw inspirations from other artists and art styles which influence our work. Our videographers at Iceberg Media were inspired by Mayad Studios wedding videography. They have an amazing editing style which makes you feel intrigued and connected with the couple in the video. This is something we aim to achieve through our wedding videos. We love how they experiment with focus, movement and story tell. We also draw inspiration from Parker Walback for great videography tips.

The most important take-away is to be inspired, but create your own style. People don’t want to see copycat artists. They want to see something new and refreshing. Reflect on the work of others and reinterpret it into your own, original style. Even if you are working for other companies who have a certain style and restraints to work within, it’s important to never loose sight of who you are and your own creative flare.

What type of artist are you? Let us know your creative style in the comments.