Working With Talented Artists In Our Studio

When Autumn falls band captured by Iceberg Media

When Autumn falls band captured by Iceberg Media

We love working with so many talented business people and artists in our profession. Our team shares a passion for showcasing talents and love for photography, allowing us to capture the best in every shoot we approach.

In 2018, our team worked with a Perth band ‘When Autumn Falls’ in our studio, to photograph a new album cover. They are a Melodic Rock/Hardcore band, creating unique music. When creating their album cover images, we considered the genre of the band, their style and personalty. All these elements form a part of their identity and we want this to align with their cover image. We experimented with lighting, positioning and various editing effects to create a cover image that best represented them. Our favourite was the black and white shots of the band. We loved the vibe of these images!

We have so much fun working with the band, learning about them and creating a spectacular image to resemble their image.

This is what we love about working with artists. They inspire us and we get to communicate their talents through our photographs.

If you know any artists who need photos taken for their portfolio purposes, get them in contact with our friendly team.