Planning Your EOFY Event

Are you planning your EOFY event and not sure what to organise first? We’ve got a few ideas and tips to get you started.

Here’s a few things you should consider when planning your EOFY function.

Identify your guests and size of event

Who are you inviting? You will need to decide who will be attending your EOFY function, whether it may be your clients or employees and work colleagues. Another thing to consider is how many people you are catering for. This will impact what type of event you have. For a small group of employees, you could have an informal event or an intimate dinner. For a large function, a gala or cocktail party would be suitable to encourage everyone to mingle.

Choose the venue

Once you know who you will be inviting and the type of event, you can begin searching for an event venue. The venue you choose will set the tone and atmosphere of your event, so be sure to consider the layout, aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Some things to consider when deciding on a venue include:

  • Guest capacity

  • Food and beverage options

  • Toilet facilities

  • Private or public function areas

  • Decoration restrictions

  • Parking

  • Bump in and bump out times

  • Event coordinators at the venue

Branding your event

For any corporate event, always consider what type of branding material you want displayed. From signage to brand decorations, you will want to reflect your branding at your EOFY event. This will allow your guests to feel a apart of the celebrations and better identify the event in photos captured on the night.

Image for event3.jpg

Incorporate Entertainment and fun

Depending on your event style, you may want to include games, live music, performances, interactive food stands like paella or lolly stations, or a photo booth. A photo booth is the perfect element of fun and encourages social interaction at your event. If you would like a photo booth at your event, enquire about our Social Booth, which enables photos, GIF images, and Boomerangs. With the features of digital props and instant social media sharing, your guests are guaranteed a memorable event!

Celebrate your achievements

Don’t forget the real purpose of your celebrations. Your EOFY function aims to celebrate the achievements of your employees and the success of your company. So, why not have a speech or awards ceremony during your event to recognise your team’s efforts and dedication to the company. Don’t forget, your event not only intends to recognise your team’s achievements, but it is a great opportunity inspire and motivate your team for the following financial year.

If you are looking for an event photography team to capture your EOFY event, get in contact with us.