Why Mirrorless Cameras Are Trending


Have you heard of a mirrorless camera? You may find yourself asking what this is and how it differs from a DSLR camera. We go through the key differences and uniqueness about a mirrorless camera.

So, what is a mirrorless camera? A mirrorless allows you to use different lenses, but does not use a mirror to reflect the image in the view finder. Essentially, what you see through the lens is what you get with a mirrorless camera.

Mirrorless Camera Versus DSLR

Mirrorless Camera

  • Does not require a reflex mirror.

  • The imagining sensor is exposed to light at all times as it does not have a optical viewfinder.

  • Smaller, more compact and lighter to use.

  • Better for video.

  • Has interchangeable lens cameras.

  • Auto focus quality depends on the manufacturer and lens used.

  • Poor battery life due to use of the sensor and a live view LCD.

  • Sony makes full-frame and crop sensor mirrorless cameras.

DSLR Camera

  • Does require a reflex mirror, a key component.

  • Better for low light setting due to optical view finder.

  • Can be bulkier and more complex.

  • Better for photo.

  • Good lens selection.

  • Auto focus performance is consistent, particularly in low light settings or tracking movement.

  • More efficient battery life. Suitable for long day events or live coverage.

  • Canon and Nikon are known for DSLR cameras.

What do you use, a mirrorless camera or DSLR?

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