An Unforgettable Wedding Song


Whether it is a song that gets you laughing, dancing or brings out the tears, every wedding song has an impact on you as a couple and your guests. Let me share with you a story on how your wedding song can have such a strong impact without you even realising.

At age 5, I was a flower girl for my cousin’s wedding. I felt like a little princess watching a fairy tale because everything felt so surreal and magical. It was such a memorable occasion for me that to this day, I clearly remember the song they danced to and had in their wedding video. Call me weird, but these things really do stick with you. So, 15 years on and every time I hear these songs, I think of those moments at their wedding. From my experience, I’m sure the song had just as much impact on me as it did for the bride and groom.

You’re probably waiting for me to tell you what these two memorable songs were. Well, the first is called ‘Runaway’ by The Corrs. To be honest, I didn’t even know who the song was by until I had to look it up for this (yes, I’m having a chuckle too). But I always remembered the lyrics starting from, “Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you,” all the way through to, “I'm never gonna stop falling in love, with you.” Even just reading those lyrics now brings back so many memories for me.

The second song was ‘You Get What You Give’ by New Radicals. It was just a feel good tune. And it makes me remember the wedding couple walking along the beach, laughing, smiling… in love.

I think that’s the most important thing about your wedding songs- the story and memories behind it. Whether it was the song you heard when you first met or just a song you loved together, it will be the song you continue to listen, dance to and share as a couple. And that’s truly special! And who knows, like in my situation. you might inspire a young girl or boy at your wedding who grows up with a beautiful image of what love looks like.

What is your wedding song? Let us know what your wedding song means to you in the comments below.