Embracing A Common Wedding Superstition

“Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue.”

At some stage in your life, I’m sure you’ve heard this rhyme whether it was from your mum, sister or friend. “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” are the four good luck items a bride has on her wedding outfit or with her on her wedding day. They are usually small tokens passed down from your family or friends. But what does this actually mean?


Back to the past with “Something Old”

“Something old” represents the brides past and is a symbol of continuity. This could be a piece of jewelry or valuable object, usually belonging to an older relative.

It’s about the future with “Something New”

“Something new” represents your future at newly weds and entering this new chapter of your lives. This could be your wedding dress, jewelry or veil for instance.

Good fortune with “Something Borrowed”

“Something borrowed” is given to the bride by a happily married couple that could be friends or relatives of the bride and groom. This token is given to ensure good fortune rubs off onto the newly wedded couple.

A sentimental token with “Something Blue”

“Something blue” symbolises love and fidelity. You could incorporate a bit of blue with a piece of jewelry. Some people combine “something borrowed” with “something blue” by receiving a sentimental pair of earrings passed down their family. But you don’t necessarily have to wear it. Modern day brides add a touch of blue in so many original ways like incorporating a blue ribbon on their bouquet of flowers. So there is plenty of opportunities for you to be creative and unique with this tradition.

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