Inside A Wedding: The Bride And Groom Prep

Before we even shoot the wedding ceremony, we get to show off a bit of our creative flare during the bride and groom prep. From the wedding rings, shoes, bridal dress to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, we love experimenting with different arrangements, angles and lighting to create something truly extraordinary.

Here’s an inside look the moments we’ve captured and created into memories.

Rings and Detail

We are all about the details! We love experimenting with lighting to reflect off the diamond and using different props to frame the wedding rings.

Bridal Prep

From the makeup and hair to the bead details on her dress, we love capturing all the elements of your wedding that make it memorable.

Groomsmen Prep

From the polished shoes to buttoning up the cuff-lings, we take pride in showcasing the finer details.

Jitters, drinks and laughter

We love seeing how different couples prepare before their wedding. Some cheers to a traditional alcoholic drink, read out a special letter from their partner or just enjoy the pre-wedding jitters.

And then for the final touch

Once the groom is suited up and bride has her stunning dress on and touch of make up, it’s time for those final photos before they leave for the ceremony. We love this part as we get to showcase everything coming together.

What’s your favourite part of bride and groom prep? Let us know in the comments below.