What Your Photographer Should Wear To A Shoot

Are you a professional photographer? Make sure you look the part.

Are you the photographer that shows up to a shoot with blue jeans and an old pair of sneakers? It’s time to ditch the tacky clothes and start dressing the part!

What you wear communicates a lot about you, the company and the standard of work you produce. It also impacts your client’s first impression of you. For instance, if you arrive at a wedding shoot dressed unprofessionally, your client may develop the same opinion for your work. And you don’t want that! You want to put your best foot forward from the very first interactions with your client. A simple change in your attire can help you best reflect professionalism and quality. You want your client to utilise your services in future and recommend you.


So, here’s what we recommend you wear to best represent your business.

1) Swap the jeans for a smart pair of trousers

You want to highlight you are professional, so opt for a classic pair of black pants. Keep in mind you might be in awkward positions to get the shot, so make sure these pants are equip for bending, squatting and movement. Wearing professional clothing will show your client you take your job seriously and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

For something extra, add on a blazer for enhance your professional look.

2) Wear a smart casual shirt or branded work top

Black and white clothing is highly recommended. So, sticking with a white or black shirt is most appropriate as it is smart and professional. Plus, it means less stress for you having to plan a colour coordinated outfit.

If you have shirts with your company logo on it, definitely wear these! This will help your client recognise you on the shoot and represent your brand more effectively.

3) Dress appropriately and cover up

Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the bending and awkward positions you may be in to capture the shot. So, keep those low cut tops and short skirts for your personal outings and go for a blouse with a well covered neckline. Consider sticking with a mid length skirt or pants for bottoms.

4) Invest in a Comfy pair of shoes

Invest in a comfy pair of shoes to help you work efficiently through out the duration of your shoot. You are guaranteed to be walking around a lot. So don’t let uncomfortable heels and blisters throw you off your game! Your best option is a black pair of sneakers or smart pair of dress shoes.

5) Keep yourself groomed

Whilst dressing the part is important for your professional image, taking take of yourself is just as important. Taking time to care for yourself and dress well suggests you take care and pride in your work. Make sure you take the time to brush and style your hair. You don’t want to look like you just woke up out of bed. Don’t forget to shave in the morning or keep that beard at a neat length.

While this may sound like common sense, make sure you are wearing clean clothes and have showered and sprayed before your shoot. You don’t want to smell like you’ve already sweated to death before you’ve even started the shoot.

How do you dress to your shoot? Let us know your thoughts and comments below.