5 Tips To Looking Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

Just like the vows you make to your partner, you want your weddings to last you a lifetime! So, it is important you look and feel your best! So, between the stress and excitement on the day, how do you ensure you look your best in your wedding photos?

Here are our top tips on posing, smiling and showing your happiness in your wedding photos.

1. Chin up and stand tall

Did your mother ever nag you when you were younger to stand up straight? Yes, you’re not alone. But this is probably one of the best pieces of advice and habit to get into. On your wedding day, the trick to looking your best is to stand up tall, keep your shoulders back and your chin up.

It’s a good idea to practice your posture in front of the mirror before your wedding day. That way, it will feel more natural.

2. Relax

People look most photogenic when they are relaxed. This can seem like a big ask on your wedding day with all the stress and excitement happening. Try taking a few deep breathes through out the day to keep you relaxed. This will help you look fresh and give you a natural glow for your photos.


3. Show your emotions

A photo looks much better when you’re less posed and more natural. The best way to do this is by letting your emotions and love for each other shine through. A good tip is to imagine the photographer isn’t there and to focus on your partner. Look into their eyes, let your smile naturally come. Consider how you felt towards each other when you first laid eyes on each other. This will help you create photos you love because you feel the emotion.

4. Be yourself

Being yourself in a photo is the most important thing, whether it’s on your wedding day or any other occassion. The best photos are often those that are less posy and structured. In a candied photo, smile, laugh or look away from the camera into the distance. Try interacting with your bridesmaids, stay calm and don’t be afraid to show your personality in your photos.

5. Have fun

The stress has lead you to this moment… you are finally getting married! Don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy being a part of the experience and be in the moment.