Colour Grading Trends For Weddings

What is colour grading? Great question! It’s a technique photographers use to enhance the colour hues, saturation and contrast of their content. It helps set a particular vibe for the photos. For instance, adding yellow tones can make the image appear more warm, whereas blue tone create a muted, cold vibe.


So, what colour grades are trending for weddings in 2019?

Here’s the top three colour grading trends:


The neutral colour grading has stuck around for 2019, with photographers using a natural colour palette to let your wedding speak for itself. You will not see any bold colours in this colour grading trending. Think neutral and natural colours.


Photographers are enhancing burgundy tones in their wedding shots to create a darker feel to the images. So, you will see more wine colours and low saturation.

Bronze Copper

We believe bronze copper colour grading has become a popular style. Photographers are creating an dream-like, vintage vibe using warmer, gold tones and reduced saturation.

You have probably seen some of our latest wedding photography incorporate bronze copper and burgundy colour grading. We love experimenting with deeper colours.

What are your thoughts on the colour grading trends for weddings?

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