Video Editing On-The-Go

Do you edit your videos on your mobile device?


Editing on-the-go has become an increasingly popular trend for filmmakers and social media users. This gives us the opportunity to edit on the train, bus, at a cafe…or essentially anywhere! Very convenient!

We live in a society where we are heavily reliant on our mobile devices to do simple or complex tasks such as video editing. Whilst editing on a laptop gives you a wide screen and better opportunity to see what you’re editing, mobile editing is a quick alternative to create content quickly.

Here a some apps best suitable for editing on the go:

  • Premier Rush CC- this is free to download on IOS, Android and desktop, allowing you to take your project with you and share it to your social media. The easy to use app allows you to drag and drop videos and mix background music with as minimal clicks and processes as possible.

  • iMovie- a clean and easy to use app for a quick and simple edit. Experiment with titles, music, photos and voice overs. Probably not the best app for editing a professional video, but definitely a great option to produce a good looking video quickly.

  • Filmmaker Pro- A sophisticated pro-level editing app with 30 filters, video grading, green screen support and almost 200 fonts to select from. Whilst this app is free to download, you cannot access the full set of features as it is a paid subscription based app.

  • LumaFusion- a powerful editing app suitable for journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to create compelling videos. This is a paid application that offers rich and professional editing tools.

If you’re like us, we still prefer to use Premier Pro on our desktop for our wedding videos and corporate work. However, mobile editing can be a great tool to create quick behind-the-scenes content and snippets for social media.

What are your favourite mobile video editing apps?

Let us know what you use in the comments below.