All You Need To Know About Our First Podcast Episode

Have you tuned in to our first video podcast?

We had an awesome experience with our very first podcast and were very excited to share it with you! We love to talk and converse opinions on a variety of topics.

If you haven’t had a chance to tune in yet, here’s a quick overview to keep you up-to-date.

In every episode, we will discuss creative icebreakers to get the ball rolling before we jump into the overarching episode topic. So, what were our creative icebreakers?

This episode, we discussed:

  • What were you like when you were kids?

  • Do you think we would have gotten along as kids?

It turns out, we were all very different from each other when we were kids. We categorised ourselves as ‘the brat’, ‘the spoiled brat,’ ‘the hyper’ and ‘the sociable.’ Can you guess which Iceberg Media team members were like this as kids? You can find out in our podcast. This was such a cool thing to learn about each other and see how our personalities have changed as an adult.

Our final icebreaker topic was:

  • What do you do when you want to restore your energy?

We all get so caught up in our busy lives with our work and responsibilities. But it’s so important to have something that relaxes you and restores your energy. And we are not just talking about that glass of wine. We got ourselves thinking about our hobbies and things that bring us back to our centre.

Some things we felt restored our energy were:

  • Meditation

  • Beach

  • Fishing

  • Ice-skating

  • Astrophotography

  • Travelling

Can you guess what key topic we discussed in our first episode? We had a conversation about our Creative Inspiration, looking at:

  • What is inspiration to you and who inspires you?

  • Who is your creative inspiration when it comes to art?

  • How do you want to inspire others?

We always hope our creative work inspires others, whether it motivates you to give something new a go, persist to achieve your goals or overcome challenges. Check out our podcast to hear about how we hope to inspire others and who influences us. Hint- we discuss this topic towards the end of the podcast :)

So there you have it. A brief wrap up about our first podcast episode.

We hope you enjoy our first podcast and forward to hearing your thoughts.

What topics would you like us to discuss in our upcoming podcasts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.