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Why are Testimonial Videos so important?

The persuasive sales message does not come from a sales representative or even the business owner. But in fact, it comes from a satisfied customer.You (the business owner) may not be seen as the most credible source of your product, because you have an incentive to sell it. At least this is how some of your potential customers might view it. But when your sales messages originates from a genuinely satisfied customer, this is far more persuasive for potential customers. Combine this social influence with a personable story and the emotional power of video, you valuable video content- Testimonials.

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Why we love Corporate Shoots

What’s to love about a Corporate shoot? Plenty! We have so many reasons why we love to film and edit corporate shoots. So, I teamed up with Pia, our Cinematographer and Editor, to sum up it up in five reasons.

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Visual Inspirations works their magic in Perth CBD

Christmas is no doubt the best festivity of the year! It brings joy and hope to families and children every year through the action of giving, generosity and spreading cheer. One of the most amazing things we all look forward to are the stunning Christmas visual displays. Let your eyes be widened and filled with wonder by Visual Inspiration’s sparking and gleaming visual displays.

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