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How To Reflect On Criticism And Grow In Your Career

For almost every artist or profession out there, whether you may be a photographer, graphic designer or business person, there’s always going to be criticism. And we know, it can be deflating to hear negative criticism. But the one thing we’ve learnt is that you can’t grow and get better at what you do without a bit of feedback and criticism. The important thing here is to bounce back up, to keep going and pursue your aspirations.

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Remember your style as an artist

Are you an artist? Artists are people who create, practice or demonstrate art. We are story tellers, communicating emotion and aim to inspire our audiences. You may be thinking, “I don’t paint or draw,” but art takes many forms. The most important take-away is to be inspired, but create your own style. Reflect on the work of others and reinterpret it into your own, original style.

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