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Share your vision through the lens of your camera

As photographers and videographers, what is your aim when you capture a shot? Whether it is to tell a story or capture a moment in time, you want to share your vision and make it your own. Like Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” When you take a shot, it’s about making the shot, using what’s in front of you and experimenting with setting and lighting to create something extraordinary.

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The Importance Of Being Prepared And Organised For A Shoot

Whether you’re a photographer or videographer, it is important to be organised and prepared for your shoot in advance. Why? Being unorganised leads to problems which could have been avoided, including being late to a shoot, stress and forgetting to pack important equipment. So, tip of the week is to always be organised for any shoot! Check out our blog to discover more.

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What We Love About The Gimbal

The gimbal is a videographer’s best friend. There are so many incredible things you can experiment with the gimbal to get your perfect shot, no matter what your filming. The gimbal master at Iceberg Media, Andrea, shares her top reasons to love the gimbal and tips on getting the best shots.

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