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The Best Groom Moments

What is your favourite reaction at weddings? Is it the bride and groom cries, the comedic moments in the speeches or the romantic kiss? One of our favourites is watching the groom’s reaction, especially those emotive tears during the ceremony which become so contagious! From whistles to cries, we share with you some of our favourite groom moments.

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Top Wedding Venues In WA

To most couples, the wedding venue is considered the most important piece of the puzzle. Why? It is a space that should reflect who you both are and guarantees the goods for a memorable night of eating, drinking wine, dancing, laughter and love. If you’ve just gotten engaged (huge congrats!), or dreaming of the day you will tie the knot, there’s no better time to start searching for your perfect wedding venue. To take the stress off your wedding planning, we’ve put together some venues that will inspire you for your wedding day.

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